Kaori Toh (b. 1994) is a interdisciplinary designer with a particular interest in technology and computational design methods. Her practice revolves around the intersections of technology, politics and ideologies that underpin our social structures.

She is a recent graduate with the BA Graphic Design programme at Central Saint Martins, and has graduated with a diploma in Visual Communication from Temasek Design School (Singapore)

Email her for collaborations and conversations.

Previously at Bravo, Landor Associates.
Information Heavens
Information Heavens—2017, Interactive, Programming
Reverse Archaeology
Reverse Archaeology—2017, Interactive, Programming
Infrastructural Chess
Infrastructural Chess—2017, Interactive, Programming
Obscure Relatives
Obscure Relatives—2017, Identity, Website
Aesthetic of the Factory
Aesthetic of the Factory—2017, Interactive, Programming
Cumulative News
Cumulative News—2016, Interactive, Programming
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer—2016, Publication
Computational Typography
Language—2016, Computation typography
Roadmap: Graphic
Design to Aesthetics
Roadmap: Graphic Design to Aesthetics—2016, Poster
Rek Technology
Rek Technology—2014, Branding
Need for Established Knowledge
The Need For Established Knowledge—2016, Debate, Publication
Mcdonaldisation of
Higher Education
Mcdonaldisation of Higher Education—2015, Publication
.gifxhibition—2015, Exhibition, Interaction